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The Sehr Schnell 8448 Supercharger Performance Kit

8448 Supercharged V8 

Supercharger Front ViewSupercharger Left ViewSupercharger Top View

  8448 Supercharger Components

1 Blower Drive Service 1472 Supercharger
1 BDS 56008FW Blower Electronic Fuel Injection system
1 BDS "Bugcatcher" intake scoop with "butterfly" valve
1 Forged aluminum crank pulley and nylon belt
8 Increased flow fuel injector jets (.50 restrictor)
2 Reinforced valve covers with freeflow exhaust ports
2 Stainless steel braided exhaust manifold hoses
2 Increased flow (80mm) exhaust hoses
1 ECU upgrade chip with software-editable fuel mappings
1 Anodized Alloy Body Color Fan
1 Low cross-member front engine mount
All necessary mounting hardware

Price: $9499 (US)

(Click the brick to download the .DAT kit documentation)



BDS 1472 Supercharger 

Providing the power for the Sehr Schnell 8448 Supercharger
kit is the Blower Drive Service Model 1472, increasing the
engine output to over 440 bHP.

With modifications to the fuel mapping software and belt
tension, a variety of application-specific configurations
can be attainted, allowing you to tweak your engine for your
exact needs, whether it be lightning-quick acceleration,
vicious top end, or sustained high speed.


Dyno Results 

Dynomometer results for the stock and upgraded 8448
show what a blower kit on a car of this caliber can
accomplish. The Super Street Machine is taken from its
292 bHP to 442 bHP and torque is increased by
almost 110%, going from
219 ft-lbs to 458 ft-lbs.

0-60 times drop from 5.9 seconds for the stock V8 to
4.0 seconds with the Sehr Schnell 8448 Supercharger Kit.

The most impressive aspect of this particular upgrade is its
versatility. Modifications to the belt tension, belt timing,
injector jet size and/or fuel mapping make it possible to
set the 8448 up as an optimal drag racer, oval track car
road course vehicle or (of course) street rod. The look is
classic and makes a simple statement: "Ground-shaking
power lies beneath the hood, from which a massive
machine protrudes."



 8448 Supercharger8448 Supercharger Kit


8448 Supercharger

8448 Supercharger8448 Supercharger Kit

8448 Supercharger8448 Supercharger Kit

 8448 Supercharger Kit


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