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The Sehr Schnell 8448 V12 Engine

8448 V12 


One look at the huge engine bay of the 8448 makes it very
clear that the Super Street Sensation is open to many
powerplant possibilities. With just the slightest motor mount
modification, the Supercar II can be adapted to house a
gargantuan 7.8 liter V12.



V12 Top View

V12 Front View

V12 Left View


8448 V12

The Sehr Schnell V12

Our engineers spent 8 months calculating the optimum size
for the most powerful 8448 engine possible. Maximizing
displacement and power while adhering to strict guidelines
for additional weight led us to a 7.8 litre V12.

The block is forged from a single aluminum ingot so weight-gain
is minimized, while power is increased by over 70% due to
the radical addition of displacement.

All components are blueprinted and balanced, prepped for
mounting and ready to race.


The V12 engine utilizes the same port injection as the
stock V8, but uses larger intake jets and a more aggressive
ECU mapping.  The overall power envelope of the v12 is
something to behold, it is quite simply the most powerful
version of the 8448 that will ever marry rubber to concrete.

Currently there are no options for increasing the aspiration
of the V12, but we are in the development stages for
possible turbo and supercharger units.


Price: $21,999 (US)

(Click the brick to download the .DAT kit documentation)

8448 V12 Exploded


8448 V12 Transmission

Minimal impact mounting

Sehr Schnell has once again taken advantage of the 8448's modular system design and has managed to fit the V12 into the existing V8 engine compartment.

By engineering a super-compact transmission (with identical gearing to the stock configuration) and minor modifications to the forward motor mounts we have been able to accommodate the massive powerplant

8448 V12 Motor Mounts


Dyno Results

Dynomometer results clearly show the world of difference the
Sehr Schnell V12 makes in the 8448. All semblance of a street
machine is gone and the performance graphs reveal that the
12 cylinder engine transforms the Supercar II into a world class
racing platform.

The Super Street Machine is taken from 292 bHP (at 5200 rpm)
506 bHP (at 5300 rpm) and torque is more than doubled,
going from
219 ft-lbs (at 6000 rpm) to 475 ft-lbs (at 5500 rpm).
The V12 provides the largest power band mathematically
possible (for its size and weight) allowing revolutions up to
11000/min. From an engineering standpoint, the Sehr Schnell
V12 is, in a word, Perfect.

0-60 times drop from 5.9 seconds for the stock V8 to
a possible 3.2 seconds with the V12 (depending on the level
of race-prep other aspects of the car have undergone).



8448 V12


8448 V128448 V12

8448 V12


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