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The Sehr Schnell 8880 Performance Exhaust Kit

8880 Exhaust Kit 


The stock 8880 exhaust is very restrictive and creates
the only bottleneck throughout the entire powertrain.
It's dual outputs, while ample in size, are too few to
accommodate the hefty 5.0 litres of displacement.

8880 Stock Exhaust


8880 Exhaust option 1

 To create a smooth outflow of exhaust gases,
Sehr Schnell offers an upgraded cat-back system.
This system enhances Hp by freeing up output, both by using
larger diameter exhaust tubing (60mm) and increasing
the tubing from dual to quad.


The surface appearance of our system can be customized
with 2 different options, large, flared, brushed aluminum
 tips or smooth, straight, polished chrome

8880 Exhaust option 2


8880 Exhaust

4 Catalytic converter connectors
4 36" Aluminum exhaust tubes (60mm)

4 Flared, brushed aluminum tips
4 Straight, polished chrome tips
All necessary mounting hardware

Price: $1059 (US)

  (Click the brick to download the .DAT kit documentation)



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