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The Sehr Schnell 8880 Supercharger Performance Kit

Supercharged V8 

Supercharger Front ViewSupercharger Left View
Supercharger Back ViewSupercharger Top View


Supercharger Components

1 VorTech V-1 T-TRIM Supercharger
1 increased-radius pulley (replaces stock 8880 unit)
1 VorTech chilled-water aftercooler unit
1 Consta-Tension belt drive unit
1 VorTech Maxim intake blower unit
2 Reinforced valve covers with freeflow exhaust ports
2 Stainless steel braided exhaust manifold hoses
8 Increased flow fuel injector jets (.50 restrictor)
2 Increased flow (80mm) exhaust hoses
1 ECU upgrade chip


Enhanced Body Components

Enhanced Body Elements:
(Necessary for housing and operation of the supercharger unit)

2 Air intake ports
4 100mm intake hoses
2 increased-length engine cover posts
1 Enhanced rear wing

All necessary mounting hardware
Price: $8599 (US)


(Click the brick to download the .DAT kit documentation)


The supercharger package adds a powerful VorTech V-1 T-Trim
to the stock 8880 V8, increasing the ignition air pressure to
1.6 bar (23.4psi). The air necessary for supercharged operation
is provided via the air intake ports mounted on the sides of the
8880 body. This air is chilled, compressed and forced into
 upgraded cylinder heads. This, mixed with a richer fuel intake
(controlled by the upgraded software chip) results in a dramatic
increase in overall engine performance.

KKK K26 Turbo


Supercharger/8880 Composite image

Due to the size of the Supercharger/Blower unit, the stock 8880 rear
deck must be modified to properly house the upgrade. Air intake units
mount to the stock "B"-pillar just behind the side windows, but the deck
lid must be raised to fit the induction components on top of the V8.

The 8880 wing must also be raised (to accommodate the raised deck).
This is achieved via a set of reinforced structural members, designed to
withstand the increased stresses that the upgraded engine will incur due
to higher top-end speed.

The image at left shows existing 8880 rear structure and how it is
appended with the Sehr Schnell Supercharger Kit body enhancements.



Dynomometer results for the stock and upgraded 8880
clearly indictate the overwhelming power increase that our
supercharger kit provides.
The Supercar is taken from its stock
239 bHP to 424 bHP
and torque is increased by almost 95%, going from
200 ft-lbs to 389 ft-lbs.

0-60 times drop from 6.2 seconds for the stock V8 to
4.4 seconds with the Sehr Schnell Supercharger Kit.

We have assembled our upgrade kit using the finest
components machined to exacting tolerances. This provides
maximum power return while minimizing the amount of
drivetrain energy lost in powering the supercharging unit.

Dyno Results



 8880 Supercharger Unit

8880 Supercharger Image8880 Supercharger Image.


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