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The Sehr Schnell 8880 to 8448 Wheel Conversion Kit

8880 Wheel Conversion 


The 8880 introduced an original wheel mounting system that
has never been utilized on another vehicle, before or since. This
system did a wonderful job of accomodating the 4-wheel drive
and 4-wheel steering that not been seen in any later cars.

Unfortunately since the system is unique, so are its wheels, which
limits the choices of 8880 drivers everywhere.

Sehr Schnell has now developed a system for attaching a
standard cross axle while retaining all aspects of the 8880 drive
and suspension.


8880 Wheel Conversion Kit

4 Hub conversion rings
4 Standard axle shafts
8 Axle-to-Hub tension bushings

Price: $449 (US)

(Click the brick to download the .DAT kit documentation)


Installation of the 8880 Wheel Conversion Kit is a simple DIY.
First the stock wheel is removed.

8880 Wheel Conversion Step 1

Second, the Sehr Schnell components are put into place,
the standard axle shaft mating with the grooved hub ball.

8880 Wheel Conversion Step 2

Once the install is complete, any wheel with a standard,
central axlehole can be mounted. We recommend the
81.6x34 wheels found on the 8448 Supercar II.

WARNING:This conversion kit is for street use ONLY.
Due to the nature of hub conversion packages they
are not legal, nor are they safe for race use.

8880 Wheel Conversion Step 3



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