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8880 Supercar

Since its release in 1995, the 8880 Supercar has been considered
by most to be the epitome of power, performance and design in the
LEGO automotive world. 4-Wheel drive, 4-Wheel steering and 4-Wheel
independent suspension give it a handling advantage shared by no
other car in the world.


Powered by a 5-litre 130° V8 engine, the stock Supercar
has an output of over 239 bHP and can more than hold its
own with many of the mid-range sports cars on the market.



Now it's time to take things one step further...

8880 Stock V8


Introducing the Sehr Schnell 8880 Performance Upgrade Kits
(click on images for detailed information)

8880 BiTurbo

8880 Supercharged V8

8880 Sport Suspension

8880 US Taillight

8880 Exhaust

8880 Sport Wheels

8880 Wheel Conversion8880 Aero Kits



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