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8448 Supercar II

For 3 years the world wondered if LEGO™ could improve
upon the automotive and engineering accomplishments of the
8880 Supercar. Many believed that the pinnacle had been
reached and there was no going further.


Then came the Super Street Sensation...


Powered by a 5.4-litre 120° V8 engine, the stock Supercar II
has an output of over 292 bHP and is now considered by
most to be the only car in the world superior to the 8880.

 The powerplant sports fuel injection, a direct-drive gearbox
(to limit friction, maintenance and mean-time failure), and
an ingenious quick-switch motor mount system which is
ideal for racing applications.

 Once again, Sehr Schnell takes things one step further...


8448 Stock V8


Introducing the Sehr Schnell 8448 Performance Upgrade Kits
(click on images for detailed information)

BiTurbo V8

8448 V10

8448 V12

8448 Racing Seat

8448 Supercharger

8448 Ram Air Kit


8448 Disc Brakes



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